ABA Assessment and Treatment Services In Toronto and Surrounding Area

We offer home and community based ABA/IBI services in Toronto and the surrounding area. Our goal is to help your child or youth connect with their community in a meaningful way and to improve their quality of life through evidence-based techniques that focus on their unique needs, strengths, and preferences. We believe that this can be achieved in partnership with families and other professionals and we strive to maintain a collaborative approach every step of the way - from developing goals, to choosing evidence-based strategies that fit your child's unique needs, and to ensuring that the goals achieved in treatment are maintained and new skills used in every day life, where they are needed most. 

Our Services Include:

Functional Behavioural Assessment and Treatment

Comprehensive Skills Assessments

Parent Coaching

Sibling Coaching

Professional Consultation

Comprehensive ABA (addressing all developmental domains)

Focused ABA (addressing specific developmental domains of need)

Staff Training/ BACB Supervision